Luxe Kit – Blue Biome Balance

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Luxe Kit – Blue Biome Balance

We believe you’ll experience the best skin, sensorial, and self-care outcomes by using all of our products together. They’re formulated to work synergistically and the natural scents create a holistic sensory journey.

This kit includes Blue Biome Balance as your moisturiser, best for combination/oily skin. Click here for the kit including Strawberry Mousse Moisturiser instead if you have dry/mature skin.

Do you have normal skin? Lucky you! You can use either moisturisers. We recommend using Blue Biome Balance in the morning and Strawberry Mousse Moisturiser at night. Both creams are non-comedogenic.

The kit includes:

  • Cocofoliant Cleanser
  • Malachite Mineral Mist
  • Luminous Essence
  • Blue Biome Balance

Crystal Infused

Illuminating your soul and spirit.


Antioxidant skin protection for lasting skin health.

Holistic Hydration

Enhanced, long-lasting moisturisation.

DNA Protection

Maintains your skin’s quality over time. 

Soulful Skincare

Creating thoughtful skincare experiences.


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